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You can comment on the blog there! I thank you all for your continued interest in my books.



  1. Hi Jill,

    I was wondering if you had any openings for school visits in the fall 2010 or early spring 2011? I am the librarian at 3 elementary schools in Northern Nova Scotia and would love the kids to be exposed to such great authors as yourself.

    I will wait anxiously for you reply.

    Bev Fenton

  2. OMG sup i read your book for silver birch in grade 5 IT IS THE BEST EVER THX

  3. Hey Jill! So I Was Reading Your Book “The Nine Lives Of Travis Keating” For My Silver Birch Program And The Book Was Great! You Are An Amazing Author. I Can’t Wait Till I Read “The Present Tense of Prinny Murphay”. I Can’t Believe That They Made a Story Of Prinny Murphay I’m So Exited To Read It!

  4. hey im LOVED your book The Nine Lives of Travis Keating and The Present tense of prinny murphy i want to knowe if there is a third book

  5. hey me again i read the comments and i whould LOVE it if u could post a comment when the hidden agenda of hector baldwin is comming out!

  6. You came to my class and i now want to read the books. I am the girl who was in the back row with dark hair and side bangs.

  7. i loved the present tense of priny murphy. i wish that you would visit churchill heights
    pis e mail me

  8. i loved the present tense of priny murphy. i wish that you would visit Churchill heights
    i love it that other people have the same interests
    please e mail me

  9. Jill,

    My 11 yr-old granddaughter was reading Home Truths and I borrowed it from her when she finished.

    As a high school guidance counsellor in Moncton, I see this ‘read’ as a perfect-fit for our 9/10’s and will recommend it to our librarian and of course, the English Department.

    It was excellent and I KNOW, there are a huge number of students who will truly relate to Brick’s story.

    Keep writing! Thanks

  10. great books

  11. I go to Cottingham Public School, and at my school, our library teacher decided to have another littaracy circle, and of course, we did your book-The Present Tence of Prinny Murphy. We are only supposed to read up to pg. 51, since we just started the assignment on Wed., but so far, I really enjoy it. It is a brillant book, with lots of disscripion. I am only ten years old, but I am possotive that people both older and younger will enjoy this book as much as I do.

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